What our clients have been saying about the modules:
I attended Meg’s indoor cycling classes this past fall and winter and I’m very glad I did! She was welcoming, enthusiastic and worked hard to provide a varied and challenging workout, giving us the opportunity to build endurance and strength, with drills, hills and more (great music too). She managed to balance pushing each participant while ensuring we maintained good form. It made such a difference when I started biking outside, I’ve signed up again this year!
~ Anne

"Meg is a encouraging and enjoyable spin class leader. Her keen powers of observation allow her to provide personalized coaching to every participant. She aptly combines her interest in music with a broad knowledge of fitness earned through real-world experience."
~ Jerry

"If you like to spin but get bored with routine this is the class for you. Meg's classes are focused yet fun and she deliberately builds on the various aspects of cycling to have you road-ready by spring. Come prepared to sweat!"

The spin classes at Ottawa Fit with Meg are an energetic fast paced ride that has you laughing, working hard, and I enjoyed every one of them and they definitely improved my cycling. They are a great way to start the day and I would recommend them highly

'Inspiring, challenging and great camaraderie'.
'A great way to get your fitness training in before the day begins'